How to cure a sore throat naturally

With your hands. Yes, with your hands.

Have you noticed that when it hurts in a part of our body, the hand always goes there naturally?

Well, when your throat hurts, leave the center of the palm of your hand right where you feel the pain.

Leave your hand on between 20 o 30 minutes. Repeat this operation three, four times a day, till you notice it doesn’t hurts you.

And if you take this problem as soon as possible, you will avoid it goes more and to have a fever.

If you haven’t caught it on time, also do it, since this same practice will help the throat to heal much faster.

This is the most natural way to cure a sore throat. And so, with everything.

All this is the result of my experience for years.

For our children, when it starts to bother them or if we see that they start coughing, just put your hand in his/her throat also 20 or 30 minutes, four o five times that day.

And if we haven’t caught it on time, we will continue with this routine, because the healing process will go much faster.

The only thing that hands do is to balance the unbalanced energy.

And that’s it.




P.S.: This way of healing is as natural as it is personal. We don’t intend to replace anyone’s medical treatments.
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